Arab Coalition detects evidence of Houthis' burning of petrol station, relief warehouse in 'Kilo 16' area

  • Sunday 16, September 2018 in 2:03 PM
Sharjah 24 – WAM: The Saudi-led Arab Coalition has detected evidence of the burning by the Houthi militia of a petrol station and warehouse for the storage of relief supplies in the 'Kilo 16' area of Hodeidah province, following the successive defeats inflicted upon the militia.
The Coalition forces continue to monitor carefully Houthi movements, making it possible to ensure that their military operations are unsuccessful. The Coalition forces also continue to destroy Houthi military positions and defences, damaging their morale and leading the militia forces to flee from the battlefield, leaving behind their weapons, equipment and dead.
These moves have led to cause a major crisis in the ranks of the militia, who are now short of men on the ground, especially after the success of the Yemeni Resistance Forces in cutting off the most important supply lines, surrounding the Houthis in the city of Hodeidah.
According to Yemeni sources in the field, the city of Hodeidah is in a state of turmoil. Its inhabitants oppose the Iranian-backed Houthi presence, because of their terrorist activities and the targeting of innocent civilians and the city's infrastructure. The population now expect the Houthis to commit more crimes in the city.
The military operations of the Arab coalition in Hodeidah have successfully achieved their objectives, with the beginning of the collapse of the Houthi defences and fortifications and heavy losses in lives and equipment among the rebels.
The Joint Yemeni Resistance Forces have been able to cut the most important supply lines of the Houthi militias in Hodeidah in the 'Kilo 16' area, which links the Yemeni capital Sana'a with Hodeidah.
In the course of their military operations, the Coalition forces also succeeded in separating the southern districts of Hodeidah from northern districts such as Zabid, Tahita, AD-duraihmi, Bayt al-Faqih and El-Mansuriya, tightening the screws on the remaining Houthi militias stationed inside Hodeidah.