KSA's Mission to UN delivers message to UNSC on Saada operation

  • Sunday 12, August 2018 in 3:57 PM
Sharjah24 – WAM: The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations in New York, on Saturday, delivered an urgent message to the President of Security Council Karen Pierce and the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the Saudi Press Agency, SPA, has reported.
In his message, the Permeant Representative of Saudi Arabia to the UN Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Mouallimi said that the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen stated that the targeting, which took place on Thursday, 9th August, 2018, in the Governorate of Saada, is a legitimate military action that targeted Houthi leaders who were responsible for recruiting and training young children, and then sending them to battlefields.
The military action also targeted one of the most prominent weapons trainer, including a sniper trainer and was conducted in conformity with the International Humanitarian Law and its Customary Rules.
Al-Mouallimi added that the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen affirms that it has referred this incident immediately to the Joint Incidents Assessment Team, JIAT, for investigation, and to conduct their assessment of the procedures and conditions of the said operation, and announce the results expeditiously.
JIAT will soon be completing their investigation into this incident, and release the results publicly.
Ambassador Al-Mouallimi requested that the Security Council to get briefed on the attached statement issued by the by the Coalition regarding the legitimate military targets in Saadah, and the statement of the JIAT investigation for the same incident.
He also pointed out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia notes with regret that the Security Council's inaction in the face of blatant violations of its resolutions, in particular the arms embargoes established pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolutions 2216 and 2231, has allowed Iran to furnish the Houthi terrorist militias with large and growing stockpiles of ballistic missiles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) and sea mines that the Houthis have used and that they will continue to use these illegally obtained weapons to threaten the regional stability of the Middle East, and the safety of maritime navigation in the Red Sea and Bab el-Mandeb Strait.
In the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Al-Mouallimi called for the full implementation of all relevant Security Council resolutions in order to prevent the smuggling of additional weapons to the Houthis, and to hold violators of the arms embargo accountable.
The Permanent Representative requested that this letter be circulated as an official document of the Security Council, and a copy of this letter will be forwarded to the UN Secretary General.