Yemeni President calls for military action to liberate Hodeidah

  • Wednesday 13, June 2018 in 9:24 PM
Sharjah24 - WAM: Yemeni President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi has called on the Arab Coalition to intervene militarily to liberate the port city of Hodeidah, following the deterioration of the humanitarian situation due to Houthi actions and their intransigence in reaching a political solution to end the crisis in Yemen.
He added that the intransigence of the Houthi militias in reaching a political solution is no longer tolerable.
In an official statement to the Yemeni news agency, President Hadi said, "We have been striving for a peaceful solution based on the three basic principles of the Gulf Initiative, its executive mechanisms, the outcomes of the Comprehensive National Dialogue Conference and UN Security Council Resolutions 2216, and we made many concessions to avoid a military solution. However, we cannot allow the suffering of our people, and prolong this war sparked by the coup militia."
The Yemeni government also confirmed in an official statement that it had exhausted all political and peaceful means to remove the Houthi militia from the port of Hodeidah, and condemned the Houthi militias continued exploitation of the port as a corridor to smuggle Iranian weapons in order to prolong the conflict and the killing of Yemenis. It said that the port has been used as a platform to launch military attacks on the Yemeni forces and coalition members and continues to be a threat to international shipping using the Bab El Mandab Strait.