Kuwait designates 10 individuals, 4 entities as terrorists’ entities

  • Thursday 17, May 2018 in 11:59 AM
Sharjah 24 – KUNA: As part of Kuwait’s efforts in combating terrorism and dying out its funding, the committee in charge of implementing the UN Security Council’s resolutions which were issued under the seventh article of the United Nations charter, has designated 4 entities and 10 individuals as terrorist groups, a foreign ministry source said Wednesday.
 The source told KUNA, the decision was made in partnership with the United States, the main partner for Terrorist Financing Targeting Centre(TFTC), in addition to member states, namely Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman. 
The source noted such procedures comes as part of the relentless efforts by TFTC to counter terrorism financing, along with Kuwait’s keenness to strengthen partnership with the US to eliminate financing terrorism groups, which threatens all members’ countries of the center. 
The source added that in implementation of Security Council resolution 1373 of 2001 under the 7th chapter of UN charter, and decisions made by GCC leaders in their 37th session, which was held in Manama in 2016, measures will be taken in accordance with the Kuwaiti constitution and its Laws and through the relevant bodies.