Greater synergy needed to address Arab World challenges: Abul-Gheit says

  • Tuesday 14, November 2017 in 9:10 AM
Sharjah24 – KUNA: Arab League Secretary General Ahmad Abul-Gheit underlined the need for greater synergy among Arab state to tackle the huge demographic, environmental, economic and social challenges facing region and contain their repercussions on people.

In his inaugural speech at the 37th session of the Arab Social Affairs Council in Kuwait Monday, Abul-Gheit warned that the enormous social and humanitarian backwash of the historic time of change in the Arab World are posing serious threats to societies.

The Arab world is undergoing a deep and rapid change, he said.

He cautioned that some of the challenges created by this situation are tantamount to real menaces to societies' security, stability and welfare.

He lamented that the wave of unrest that rattled several Arab countries had a ripple effect on the region.

It has left some societies dismembered, numerous cities destroyed, millions of people displaced and states slid into bloody civil conflicts, he said.

Despite these unprecedented complexities, the Arab League chief expressed confidence in the ability of Arab countries in overcoming these difficulties and moving forward to brighter future.

Abul-Gheit, however, stressed that both governments and civil society had become more aware of the desperate need for real reforms.

On the terrorism threat, he pointed out that the Arab Social Affairs Council is dealing with the social aspect of the phenomenon.

The council is not only interested in answering the question of how to counter terrorism but rather how terrorism did find a foothold in our societies, he suggested.

The Arab League chief also stated that the Arab League is trying to eradicate poverty through the implementation of the 2030 sustainable development plan which was ratified by the Arab leaders in their summit in Nouakchott.

He reiterated the call for Arab Social Affairs Council to put in place its five-year plan and fulfill the great tasks assigned to it. He urged member states to continue their support to the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development