Arab Women Foundation mourns Emirati martyrs in Yemen

  • Saturday 12, August 2017 in 10:19 PM
Sharjah 24: The Arab Women's Foundation and all its affiliates within the Arab countries and the Diaspora expressed their deepest condolences to the UAE leadership, government and people for the martyrdom of a constellation of its brave armed forces who fell while performing their national duty as part of Operation Restoring Hope, in Yemen.
Mohammed Al-Dulaimi, Secretary-General of the Arab Women Foundation, said in a statement Saturday that "the noble blood that has flowed on the land of the dear Yemen embodies the cohesion of the UAE men and their determination to defend the causes of the Arab nation wherever it is necessary to prevent threats to Arab national security against the gangs and terrorist groups that  want to destabilise Yemen and  the Arab nation as these gangs have become tools in the hands of greedy and evil powers that want to dominate and control potentials of the Arab countries.

Al-Dulaimi concluded by paying tribute to the families of the martyrs who gave their precious lives in defence of the nation, praying to the Almighty God to accept them and grant them paradise along with the true believers.