‘Skikna’ introduces public to Emirati folk games

February 28, 2024 / 12:19 AM
Sharjah24: Marwa Al Mazmi, a member of the Events and Activities Management Committee at the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, has highlighted the significance of the "Skikna" (Our Alleys) event and the heritage games area presented during Sharjah Heritage Days. These events promote popular heritage games and offer visitors a glimpse into the traditional games that were present in the United Arab Emirates.
The "Skikna" event, which was introduced during the 21st session of Sharjah Heritage Days, comprises a maze consisting of five neighborhoods in Sharjah, each with its original name. The maze includes the "Skik" (alleys) with their original names. Visitors and participants navigate through the maze by answering questions to move from one track to another.

Furthermore, a heritage games area has been created, featuring traditional folk games with the aim of introducing the public to the popular traditional games of the United Arab Emirates.

In conclusion, Marwa Al Mazmi underscores the importance of the "Skikna" event and the heritage games area, which provide a unique opportunity for visitors to experience traditional games and learn about the cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates.
February 28, 2024 / 12:19 AM

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