SPC Free Zone earns 'Great Place to Work' certification

January 31, 2024 / 2:54 PM
Sharjah24: Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPC Free Zone) has been honoured with the international “Great Place to Work” Certification. This recognition serves as a prime example of the free zone’s dedication to creating a workplace that values transparency, trust, and employee well-being.
‘Great Place to Work’, a global authority on workplace culture, established over 30 years ago, highlighted key findings that showcase several aspects contributing to SPC's achievement. The survey conducted by “Great Place to Work” unveiled high levels of trust and satisfaction among SPC's employees, emphasising the supportive and collaborative atmosphere cultivated by the organisation.

SPC Free Zone stands out as a workplace of excellence, evident in its impressive statistics from the certification process. Boasting 94% for workplace hospitality, 90% for leadership behaviour, 86% for innovation, and 87% for engagement, the free zone exemplifies a robust workplace culture. Further, equity scored 72%, impartiality 76%, fairness 79%, and collaboration 83%, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity and teamwork.

Specifically, an overwhelming 99% of employees feel physically safe at work, and the same percentage feels welcomed upon joining. Notably, 96% attest to fair treatment regardless of gender, while an equal percentage finds management approachable. Additionally, 95% express a deep sense of pride in their colleagues’ accomplishments. These statistics collectively affirm SPC Free Zone's dedication to nurturing an hospitable workplace environment that values diversity, safety, fairness, and pride.

Outstanding customer experience
The Great Place to Work® Trust Model™, a data-based model for quantifying employee experience, has been the global standard for over three decades. It places the employee at the heart of its model, defining  a great workplace as one where employees trust their leaders, take pride in their work, and enjoy the camaraderie with their colleagues. This all translates to an optimum experience for their customers and is shown through the great reviews as well as the speed and ease of services provided by SPC Free Zone.

Home to over 1,500 publishers and investors
SPC Free Zone's devotion to being a great workplace extends beyond its internal culture. The free zone is a hub for over 9681 businesses and investors from more than 40 countries, including over 1,500 publishers and investors, offering state-of-the-art facilities for the creation and distribution of high-quality educational and cultural content. These efforts align with the “For All Methodology”, ensuring a consistently positive experience for every employee, regardless of their role.

With the “Great Place to Work” Certification, SPC Free Zone not only affirms its dedication to creating a workplace that values its employees but also sets a benchmark for organisations aspiring to achieve excellence in workplace culture and employee satisfaction, and continues to lead the way in shaping a positive and inclusive work environment for all.
January 31, 2024 / 2:54 PM

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