SCI’s lecture explores governance standards

September 06, 2023 / 3:27 PM
Sharjah 24: The Sharjah Charity International (SCI) conducted an enlightening lecture at the Cultural Palace in Sharjah last Sunday. The event witnessed the presence of Abdullah Sultan bin Khadem, SCI's Executive Director, along with department heads, managers, and the entire staff. Abdulhamid Al-Shanna delivered the lecture, titled “Implementing ISO 37000 Governance Standards,” focusing on key concepts related to governance and compliance.
During the lecture, attendees were introduced to the essential aspects of governance, its significance in shaping organisational performance, and its role in fostering transparency. The workshop also delved into the pivotal role that governance plays in devising strategic plans based on principles aimed at enhancing the overall organisational landscape.

Furthermore, the workshop highlighted the intimate connection between governance, sustainability, and efforts to combat unethical practices. This holistic approach, often referred to as responsible governance, entails defining strategies, visions, and a comprehensive framework, as well as formulating meticulous risk management plans to safeguard individual rights.

Abdullah Sultan bin Khadem, the Executive Director, emphasised the SCI's longstanding commitment to implementing the best systems and practices to realise the visions and objectives that underpin the establishment of SCI. Over the course of more than two decades, the SCI has consistently applied sound policies, establishing early committees to oversee aid distribution and financial governance.
September 06, 2023 / 3:27 PM

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