SBA, IPAF hosts renowned writers at 'Nadwa' workshop

March 08, 2023 / 12:29 PM
During the event
Sharjah 24: In an effort to cultivate the next generation of Arab novelists, The Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) has partnered with the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) and has commenced their 'Nadwa' workshop which will run until March 12.
The seven-day workshop comprises multiple sessions and lectures that seek to empower aspiring writers by enhancing their creative abilities and novel writing techniques, thereby equipping them with the necessary skills to produce enriching works of literature. 

The ‘Nadwa’ workshop features Jalal Barjas and Bushra Khalfan, two distinguished Arab novelists who will provide a unique opportunity for young writers to learn from their experience, be exposed to diverse perspectives on language and narrative form, expand their literary horizons, and hone their craft.

8 promising Arab writers 
The workshop is currently hosting eight promising Arab writers from the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt, and Oman. During the seven-day learning experience, participants are able to gain essential skills in storytelling, character building and development, plot construction, and dialogue formulation.

Jalal Barjas and Bushra Khalfan are offering those in attendance practical tools and techniques to help them complete their novels, including literary outlines, reviewing drafts, and interactive discussions, with the aim to professionalise their novel-writing and advance their skills.

Mastering the Art of Novel Writing
Khawla Al Mujaini, Director of Events and Marketing at SBA, emphasised the importance of writing workshops in fostering the growth of Arab literature. These workshops bring together seasoned novelists and aspiring writers, providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and the cultivation of new talent.

Al Mujaini added: “Such workshops play a critical role in paving the way for the next generation of Arab novelists to produce works that enrich the Arabic literature library and bolster the book industry in the region. The collaboration between established writers and budding authors helps to refine writing skills and develop unique perspectives, leading to a diverse and vibrant literary scene.

“To build a thriving Arab book industry, we should take a comprehensive approach that involves empowering publishers to hone their skills and providing readers with greater access to knowledge. Equally important is the need to nurture and support the talent of emerging writers, empowering them to contribute to the industry's growth and success. We, at the Sharjah Book Authority, are committed to prioritise workshops and events that celebrate and invest in the capabilities of young writers,” Al Mujaini stated.  

Fleur Montanaro, the IPAF Administrator, echoed this sentiment, saying, “We aim to cultivate new talents in novel writing through our partnership with the Sharjah Book Authority. The workshop will provide participating writers with valuable insights into writing techniques, motivation, and professionalism, where two experienced novelists will offer their guidance on how to overcome technical obstacles and achieve success in the competitive world of fiction writing.”

She added, “Nadaw’s past participants, such as Ahmed Saadawi, Shahla Al-Ajili, Mohammed Hasan Alwan, and Mansoura Ez-Eldin, have gone on to be shortlisted or won the award. We look forward to the award continuing to play a crucial role in nurturing emerging talents and equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in creative writing.”

Jalal Barjas, a Jordanian novelist, was the winner of IPAF’s 14th edition for his novel, Warraq Notebooks, while the Omani Bushra Khalfan won the Katara Award for Arabic Fiction at its eighth edition 2022 in the category of Published Novels for her work, Dilshad: The Biography of Hunger and Satiation.
March 08, 2023 / 12:29 PM

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