IGCF will celebrate the power of words in creating a better world

September 20, 2022 / 2:56 PM
Sharjah24: The popular ‘Inspirational Talks’ series hosted by the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) has picked topics of key interest including common human habits, the power of hope-filled words in shaping societies, ways to boost productivity, and more, for its 11th annual edition, which takes place on September 28 - 29 in Expo Centre Sharjah under the theme, ‘Challenges and Solutions’.
The industry of hope
One of these talks is titled, ‘The doors of thought and the industry of hope’. To be delivered by eminent biologist, social activist and behaviourial specialist, Dr. Khaled Ghattas, the talk is centred around the theme of moderation and its importance in light of the excessive rationality and technology-based lives pursued by modern society. The distinguished speaker will also shine light on the role of social thought in providing solutions and calling for openness to the concepts of tolerance, creativity, hope and communication. Ghattas will also delve into the necessity of employing art, literature and natural sciences in shaping communication language for the public.

Creative partnerships
In a talk titled, ‘Institutional Change and the New Gatekeepers’, Awad bin Hasoum Al Darmaki, Emirati poet, lecturer and writer, will discuss the need for governments to build new communication channels and partnerships that are able to successfully navigate variables of the public space and overcome ensuing challenges using culture, sports, and social media platforms in government communications.

The power of influence
The talk titled, ‘Leadership with influence’ will be delivered by Mohammed Abdullah Al Qahtani, global speaker and author of The Power of Word. In his discourse, he will shine light on how to employ the art of charismatic speech and persuasion to grab the public attention, communicate information successfully and deliver key government messages.

No dream is impossible 
Motivational speaker, Charlie Rocket, will discuss the journey of change, starting from a personal dream to achieving the dreams of others, during a session titled ‘Achieving Dreams is not Impossible’. He will highlight ways of instilling hope in others to reap constructive and positive human aspirations and methods for inspiring individuals.

Secrets of productivity
In an inspirational talk titled ‘The Power of Habits and the Secrets of Productivity’, American writer and journalist Charles Duhigg will take attendees on a journey of neuroscience discoveries, the psychology of habit formation and how to succeed with the least stress and sacrifices of what we care about. He will share insights on ways to get rid of bad habits, acquire positive ones, and improve the things we do to become smarter, faster and better in everything 
September 20, 2022 / 2:56 PM

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