SAU at UAEU ‎conducts UAEU Bicycle Race 2021

November 28, 2021 / 12:59 PM
Sharjah24: Within the UAE University celebrations of the ‎‎"50th National Day - Golden Jubilee", and in ‎cooperation with the College of Education, the ‎University Life Department - "Health Club", in the ‎Sports Activities Unit (SAU), organised the "UAEU ‎Cycling Race" 2021, in the presence of a number of ‎faculty members and a large number of students‏.‏
Mr. Ibrahim Mukhtar explained that "this race ‎comes within the framework of the celebrations of ‎the United Arab Emirates University" on the 50th ‎National Day - golden jubilee, in addition to ‎promoting national and health awareness among ‎university students, and an opportunity to enhance ‎efforts to prepare and create a positive university ‎environment for students. It is a sport, cultural and ‎social activity through which we seek to discover ‎student talents in cycling at UAE University on the ‎one hand, and prepare these young national talents ‎in the future to participate in university and local ‎competitions and various cycling activities and ‎events in the country on the other hand‏.‏

At the end of the event, the winning students were ‎honored, in the female student category: Rosana ‎Abdel Karim from the College of Business and ‎Economics won the first place, Haya Al Mazrouei ‎from the College of Business and Economics came ‎in the second place, while Sheikha Al Alawi from ‎the College of Education won the third place, Hoor ‎Al Shiari from the College of Information ‎Technology won the fourth place, and Maryam Al ‎Hamoudi from the College of Science won the fifth ‎place‏.‏

In the male student category: Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq ‎from the College of Information Technology won ‎the first place, while Omar Khalaf from the College ‎of Science came in the second place, and the ‎master’s student Mohammed Al Saqri from the ‎College of Science came in the third place, while ‎Omar Yas from the College of Information ‎Technology came in the fourth place, and ‎Mohamed Mortada from the College of Engineering ‎won the fifth place‏.‏

At the conclusion of the competition, volunteers ‎from the College of Education, the medical team ‎from Mediclinic Hospital, the Active Bike company ‎were honored for their active contribution to the ‎success of the race.  G4s Security Services was also ‎honored for organizing and maintaining security ‎and safety rules in the various stages of the race‏.‏
November 28, 2021 / 12:59 PM

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