IGCF:10 years of strengthening partnerships between gov., people

August 31, 2021 / 5:02 PM
Sharjah24: Nine years have passed since the inaugural edition of the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) was hosted by the Sharjah Goverement Media Bureau here in Sharjah in 2012. Glowing testimonials from senior officials and government communications specialsists from the region and around the globe have testified to the effectiveness of each edition of this forum in successfully presenting to the world a model of a modern communications ecosystem, powered by both strategic- and human-oriented mechanisms, in which the government – governed relationship thrives.
The forum also has played a key role in guiding the developmental journeys of local and regional government communications on their intended track, along with the contributions of visionary leaderships, global experiences and a well-aware community.

Local Event of Global Standing

Since establishing itself as a local event of global repute, IGCF today, serves as an intellectual platform that puts forth effective recommendations to transform government communications in a way that helps fuel sustainable, inclusive and innovation-driven national development strategies. We continue to strive to advance IGCF and its contributions with each subsequent edition, and spare no efforts to deliver a meaningful and memorable event that not only builds IGFC’s profile as one of the most impactful discussion platforms in the world, but also adds value to Sharjah’s developmental project.  

Our designing of the forum runs on two specific tracks. The first one is dedicated to the technical aspect of putting together the overall agenda, speakers’ list and key discussion themes, crafting the forum’s slogan – all geared towards cultural advancement by making government communications more agile and meaningful. This track also features media outreach and promoting the forum regionally and globally through its various channels. 

The second track is charecterised by our analysis of the factors, which have shaped IGCF’s growth and development into a pioneering global intellectual platform in the field of government communications, and continue to build on these strengths.    

Sharjah Government Media Bureau has managed both tracks well, which is evident in the fact that we are preparing for the forum’s 10th iteration.

Sociocultural Phenomenon

So, why has a seemingly niche forum turned into a sociocultural phenomenon in 10 years? 

Three factors have contributed to the growing success and relevance of IGCF. First, the forum was born out of a necessity for a discussion platform that would enable the deliberation of ways in which partnerships between governments and the people could be strengthened. With the world seeking more stability resulting from uncertainties, conflict and crises in the past few decades, IGCF’s role as a government communications compass on both regional and global levels has only become more prominent.

The second factor lies in the first-of-its-kind global opportunity IGCF created to advance government communications, both in practice and theory. The forum offered an unprecedented platform to key stakeholders in the field to come together from across the world and share experiences, exchange best practices, and learn from each other.   

The third and final factor is in IGCF’s strategic ability to embrace successful international experiences and recommend how they can be best adapted to benefit the local government communications landscape. In the upcoming edition of the forum, which is taking place on September 26 – 27, we will zoom in on such experiences worldwide in the wake of COVID-19. The 10th edition, to be held under the theme ‘Historic Lessons. Future Ambitions’, will also offer a critical historical review of government communication experiences in a bid to pave the way for the field.       

These are the reasons why IGCF continues to gain relevance and meaning with each passing year. We have dedicated 10 years to bringing the best out of government communications, regionally and globally. The discussion forum is a national and global treasure, which exists to benefit and enrich governments and the governed. 
August 31, 2021 / 5:02 PM

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