Captain Tom adds a book to his fundraising efforts

  • Thursday 17, September 2020 10:00 PM
Sharjah 24 - Reuters: Britain's World War Two record fundraising veteran, Captain Tom Moore, is releasing an autobiography, amid plans for yet more charity work.
He turned 100, raised nearly 40 million pounds for Britain's health service and was knighted by the queen. But for Captain Tom Moore, the achievements of 2020 aren't over: he has written an autobiography and plans more charity work.

The World War Two veteran became a national hero for a fundraising campaign that involved him walking the length of his garden 100 times, turning him into a symbol of hope as the country struggled to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

"I hope I can go on for a long time, because I've got to hang on a bit until this book gets published probably," said Moore, who now has the title "Sir".

"The family at different times say: 'You can't die yet, you've got to get all these different things done,' so I can't die yet. When this book is finally gone out into the world may be I can then, but that's not my intention."