Tourists try sub-zero temperatures for a night in an ice hotel

  • Friday 21, February 2020 09:01 AM
Sharjah24 – AFP: Nearly 200 kilometres above the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, dozens of tourists come to visit the "IceHotel" in Jukkasjarvi, posing for photos next to frozen pillars and beds made from ice from a nearby river, and where some guests face temperatures of -5 degrees celsius to spend a night.
Bo Bjerggaard, Danish tourist said, "Unfortunately, during the night I had to get up and there it was of course cold, but then great again when you come back in the sleeping bag, and you are sleeping so well because of the temperature, actually you feel more comfortable with the temperature than I do normally in Copenhagen."

"We need it to be cold in the autumn, so we want to start to build the ice hotel in the end of October, and if it's not cold then, then it's going to run out of time, because we want to open it in the middle of December, and if it's not cold in October then it goes longer and longer until we can start to build it and we have a shorter and shorter time until we can open it up," Julia Hansers, Guide at the ice hotel added.

"Actually a lot of people, before they go in and sleep, they are scared that they're going to be cold and they put on a lot of clothes and all that, and we have sleeping bags that's made for -20, inside there it's -5," Julia Hansers continued.