Louis Vuitton opens new atelier in French town

  • Monday 09, September 2019 07:59 AM
  • Louis Vuitton opens new atelier in French town
Sharjah24 – Reuters: A Louis Vuitton handbag like the round monogrammed 'sac petite boite chapeau', that lands in a store in New York or Shanghai, sold at $3,200, could probably trace its roots in a small village in western France.
The French luxury brand inaugurated a new atelier in the village of Beaulieu-sur-Layon on Thursday (September 5), employing 135 people from the region, which was once a hub of shoe production until the industry waned in recent decades.

"If France is number one in the world in luxury, it's because of these leather workshops in France," Louis Vuitton CEO Michael Burke said on Thursday, after touring the factory floor.

A three hour drive west of Paris, home of Louis Vuitton's headquarters, Beaulieu-sur-Layon is attractive not only for its proximity but also for its heritage.

Benedicte comes from a family of leather workers. In January, she breezed through the practical and theoretical tests given to prospective Louis Vuitton workers, and is now one of the first employees in the new workshop.

Burke said the factory draws on the "savoir-faire" or the expertise that runs deep in this part of France, where cows graze next to vineyards.