More protesters flood Sudan's sit-in to demand civilian rule

  • Saturday 20, April 2019 11:04 AM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: Hundreds of thousands of protesters massed around a sit-in outside Sudan's Defence Ministry on Friday to demand that the military council that ousted former president Omar al-Bashir last week hand over power to civilians.
The crowds, which late on Thursday had grown to their largest this week as protesters tried to increase pressure on the transitional council, swelled once more on Friday evening.

Protesters waved the Sudanese flag and chanted "freedom, peace and justice". Children sitting on a bridge nearby banged with stones on the metal pillars to the rhythm of the chants.

Some sang "The strong man walks on fire", a military song usually used to motivate troops. Giant screens showed pictures of soldiers.

Mid and lower-ranking soldiers have won respect from protesters after protecting the sit-in from intelligence forces and riot police in the days before Bashir was toppled.